5 Reasons to Move Into Senior Living


There are a lot of reasons why people move into senior living. Some people decide it’s time for a change in lifestyle, others to simply right-size and some have to move because they can no longer live on their own. In either case, there are many benefits that come with moving into a senior community and we bet you’ll find at least one of them compelling enough to make the leap! 

One bedroom apartment at The Polaris Community

Financial Security

A lot of people think that senior living is much more expensive than it actually is. In fact, you can save thousands of dollars each year by moving into a senior living community. Rent, food, maintenance and utilities are usually included in your monthly payment–so there’s no need for those additional expenses like lawn care, home repair and overbuying at the grocery store. Plus, you’ll save on transportation costs if the community offers free shuttle service. This means no more car payments or gas money spent on driving yourself around town! 

Peace of Mind

Two friends and residents at The Glenwood Community in Marietta, Ohio.

Senior housing provides a safe, secure environment where everything is taken care of. In fact, if you start to need additional support, check on the status of in-home caregivers or service coordinators that will come alongside you should you need the added help (this service typically comes with additional fees). Senior housing also provides social interaction, which is key to maintaining your mental health as you age. Older adults who live in senior communities have been shown to have fewer hospitalizations, better physical health and lower rates of depression than those who live alone or with family members who don’t share their interests or values. 

Active Lifestyle

In senior living, older adults have a variety of activities to choose from, including things like yoga and tai chi classes, group fitness classes, sports leagues and games. There are also plenty of opportunities for socialization with friends and neighbors at community events like concerts or holiday parties. Many communities also have walking paths and fitness centers to keep you on your feet! 

Social Connections

Residents playing pool at The Polaris Community in Columbus, Ohio.

Senior living communities offer residents the chance to connect with people who share similar interests. Many residents feel that this helps them feel less isolated since they can talk about things they enjoy doing together as well as share stories about past experiences that may be meaningful to them. In a senior living community, you have access to a wide range of programs that can help you socialize with other residents. These include: social clubs, volunteer opportunities and community events. 

In addition to these opportunities for socializing with other people in your age group, there are also ways for you to interact with younger generations as well. This can be beneficial because it gives younger people an opportunity to learn about the experiences of their elders. Or connect with older adults from diverse backgrounds, learn about other cultures, religious celebrations and experience different perspectives.  

Friends and residents gather at The Polaris Community in Columbus, Ohio.

Improved Quality of Life 

Quality of life is an important factor for older adults, and it’s one that senior living communities can help you achieve. In addition to the variety of activities and social opportunities, senior living communities employ staff members who are trained to help older adults with their needs. If you’ve ever considered moving into a senior living community, now is the time! 


A cottage at The Parkvue Community in Sandusky, Ohio.

Senior housing is here to stay.  

The number of people over 65 is growing rapidly. In fact, according to a report from the Administration on Aging, more than 1 in 6 were 65 or older in 2020 and the U.S. Census Bureau’s predicts there will be more than 72 million Americans over 65 years old in 2023–an increase from 43 million in 2010!  

A resident at The Glenwood Community enjoys a Kona Ice!

There are more older adults than ever before, they’re living longer and staying active longer as a result. 

So, if you’re considering senior living for yourself or a loved one, we hope this article has given you some insight into why it’s the right choice. Senior housing offers so many benefits that can make life easier and more enjoyable for older adults. We know it can be difficult to make such a big decision but we understand your journey! We can help you find the perfect place for your needs and budget while also providing expert guidance throughout the process. 


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