Service Coordinator: The Concierge of the Senior Living Community

At United Church Homes, we are continually seeking new ways for our aging population to live more abundantly. We see this next chapter of life as one full of potential, purpose, connection and an even greater sense of wellbeing with less stress about day-to-day tasks. One of the ways we do this is by freeing up time and relieving frustration for you and your loved ones with the help of a Service Coordinator.

A Service Coordinator is a unique personal advisor, much like a concierge that acts as an advocate for you and your family, providing support and assistance, and connecting you with the resources and information you need. Whether that’s help understanding your Medicare insurance, getting help with transportation to physician’s appointments, finding healthcare providers, or finding a local quilting club, your Service Coordinator can help you get back to focusing on what’s important – enjoying the things you like to do without worrying about the logistics. Service Coordination boosts your independence by offering support as you need it, how you need it.

Olivia Markley, Service Coordinator at United Church Homes, The Polaris Community, knows first-hand how aging is unique to everyone. “Having three great-grandmothers with three very different needs gives me insight into how diverse this chapter of life can be. One is in assisted living, one is at home and one suffers from Alzheimer’s,” shared Markley.

“Their needs are wildly different, but their desire to maintain independence is the same. My goal is to be an advocate, resource and trusted friend for all of our residents and their families, no matter what their unique needs and desires might be.”

The difference between Service Coordination and other senior living programs is the personalized experience. Markley is excited for the opportunity to help residents manage their lives so they can return to the things that bring meaning and joy. “I help residents get connected to local senior center programs or signed up for prescription management services so their medications are organized. There are so many resources in the Columbus area for older adults. My job is to help residents discover what they need and initiate connections to help them live worry-free lives.”

“I’m excited to meet the individuals who decide to make United Church Homes – The Polaris Community their home,” said Markley. “I look forward to knowing them personally and helping them live their best lives.”

Service Coordinator Olivia Markley and United Church Homes, The Polaris Community team are ready to meet you! Schedule a tour by calling (380) 219-6010 or visiting or reach out to the community near you about service coordination.