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Skilled Nursing & Assisted LivingIndependent Cottage and Apartment Living

To protect the health of residents and staff during the COVID-19 healthcare crisis, only essential visitors for healthcare and end of life may enter our skilled nursing and assisted living communities until the threat has passed. We will screen each visitor for symptoms of COVID-19, including checking symptoms and taking everyone’s temperature.

We are also taking all precautions to reduce the risk that COVID-19 could be introduced and spread in our communities. That includes following all infection control guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state and local health departments.

In compliance with new federal regulations, residents and their primary contacts will be notified within 12 hours if a resident or staff member from their community tests positive for COVID-19, and/or if three persons in the community develop new respiratory symptoms within a 72-hour period.

We are sending out weekly family updates and don’t want to miss you! To ensure you receive immediate communications about the status of your loved one’s community, please call the community and provide the most up-to-date email and phone number where we can reach you.

  • Chapel Hill Community
  • Fairhaven Community
  • Four Winds Community
  • Harmar Place
  • The Pines at Glenwood Community
  • Parkvue Community
  • Pilgrim Manor
  • Trinity Community at Beavercreek
  • Trinity Community at Fairborn


United Church Homes strongly advises friends and family to delay all nonessential visitors. We’re encouraging residents to limit visits, practice physical distancing and connect with their loved ones by phone or video calls. Read more about recommendations for independent cottage and apartment living here.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Glenwood Community (IL only)
  • Trinity Community at Fairwood
  • Trinity Community at Miami Township

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COVID-19 Resources

Staying up to date in a rapidly changing environment can be difficult. Below are some useful resources to help you stay informed.

The Pines at Glenwood Community social distancing

Safe Social Distancing: Essential in Coronavirus Response

More U.S. states are issuing stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders to protect Americans and the healthcare system from the rapid spread of coronavirus. These orders, driven by top public health experts and the best data available, permit individuals to leave their homes only for essential reasons…

stay informed about coronavirus

How to Stay Informed About Coronavirus

Older adults and people of all ages with underlying health conditions are at greatest risk of having serious complications with the novel coronavirus COVID-19. We, at United Church Homes, wanted to help you stay informed about coronavirus during this unprecedented time. MAKE A PLAN Click here to view and download the state of Ohio’s COVID-19 …

coronavirus COVID-19 prevention healthy older adults

COVID-19 Update: Tips to Keep Older Adults Healthy

Older adults, especially those over age 80, are at greater risk of becoming critically ill or dying from COVID-19. Their immune systems are more fragile than children and younger adults, making them more vulnerable to complications from seasonal flu and other viruses, including the novel coronavirus. …

single red rose loneliness in front of grey brick wall

Loneliness in the Time of COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, between 30 and 40 percent of older adults were already experiencing consequences of isolation and loneliness. It will be months, maybe years, before we understand the full effects of physical distancing on the general population …

COVID-19 Drills Reassure UCH Staff: ‘We got this’

Regular COVID-19 drills and a new human resources campaign recognizing United Church Homes warriors has staff members repeating a simple phrase: “We got this.” …

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