Residents Establish New Endowment at Glenwood Community

New Endowment at Glenwood Community
Glenwood Community residents (from left) Roger Roberts and Pat Bartsokas, Executive Director Linda Dailey and United Church Homes President and CEO Rev. Kenneth Daniel were among those who collaborated to start a new endowment fund for the benefit of future Glenwood residents.

The Glenwood Community Resident Association, made up of independent living residents, has planted the seed for a new endowment fund.

Earnings from the endowment fund will help underwrite the costs needed to sustain the operations of Glenwood Community.

This fundraising idea came about partly because of the advocacy of residents Roger and Sally Roberts and their interest to lead an initiative with their peers for a fund that would provide sustainability for operations for Glenwood for generations to come.

An anonymous lead gift of $10,000 started the campaign. One way donors can give toward the endowment is through their IRA required minimum distributions, and the fund has received a gift through that manner. To date, the residents have already received over $18,000, including $1,050 in memorial gifts already held by the Resident Association and voted on to give to the endowment.

“I was looking for a vehicle for residents to be able to give back to Glenwood,” Roger said. “With help from UCH Director of Gifts and Grants Alissa Clouse and President and CEO Rev. (Kenneth) Daniel, we were able to get it underway. I’m glad to say that we’re coming along very well. We’ve raised about a quarter of the funds that we’re going to need to meet UCH’s minimum (for endowments) in the prescribed period of time.”

The Resident Association has a goal to raise $50,000 required to initiate an endowment fund over a five-year period. It has raised $69,250 as of 11/30/2020.

Roger sees endowments as an excellent way to encourage people to contribute to a cause they believe in.

Supporting Glenwood Community is a cause close to many residents’ hearts.

“Glenwood Community is not a community in name only,” Glenwood Executive Director Linda Dailey said. “Our generous residents have proven this by establishing an endowment to support one another well beyond the immediate future. Their commitment to our community and its future is evidence of the family that grows with (the addition of) each new resident. Their support will carry on past their personal residence at Glenwood. We are grateful for their philanthropy, support and leadership.”