Your United Church Homes Service Coordinator helps you live your best life

What is a Service Coordinator?

Your Service Coordinator is a unique personal advisor to you and your family that provides personalized support to navigate and connect you with local resources, assisting you in living this chapter with purpose and connection while focusing on your wellbeing.  

Trained in trauma-informed care with a person-centered approach, your service coordinator is experienced and has strong relationships with healthcare providers and other organizations that serve older adults.  Let our experts provide you with options for services and resources within your local community.  Leave the research to us and gain hours back in your day to do what you want!  We provide options and solutions for life’s challenges by getting to know you as a person, building a relationship and understanding your unique needs.



Your Service Coordinator can help you craft your plan to pursue additional supports you may want or be eligible to receive. Free up time and relieve current stressors for yourself and your family currently providing scheduling assistance or organizing care and appointments.  Get back to focusing on what’s important–spending your time with family and friends, enjoying the things you like to do, without worrying about the logistics of care and coordination.   Service Coordination can support you in your plan to maintain your independence and live the life you choose by offering support as you need it, how you need it.

  • Having trouble keeping physician appointments because of transportation challenges? 
  • Longing to go out and about for events or errands, but needing extra support to feel comfortable doing so?  
  • Having trouble navigating the complicated healthcare system?
Your Service Coordinator can help with:
  • Coordinating and scheduling appointments
  • Arranging for transportation, chore and errand services
  • Information and connections to various community programs
  • Securing help at home from personal care aides and home care services

And so much more!  Your service coordinator gets to know you and your unique needs and provides customized solutions for your specific situation. 

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