Different Faith-Inspired Traditions and Diverse Backgrounds Shape the Unique Culture of Each UCH Community

A Culture of Respect Fosters Abundant Life for All Residents

At United Church Homes, respecting the role spirituality plays in the lives of residents and staff remains vital to our mission, vision and core values. Each person has a unique perspective on what is sacred to them. It could be a sanctified being or presence that guides their morals, values or interactions with others. At UCH, we believe all people are sacred beings, and faith-inspired living means something different to everyone.

That’s why UCH focuses on helping residents experience all that life has to offer physically, emotionally and spiritually. Spiritual care is about continually providing opportunities to reflect, learn new things and recognize that perceptions change over time, while providing opportunities for older adults to grow in their faith.

At United Church Homes, faith-inspired living means:

  • Respecting and honoring people’s experiences and differences
  • Demonstrating integrity and encouraging people to openly express their personal beliefs
  • Showing compassion toward others
  • Providing hospitality to all who enter our communities
  • Encouraging residents, staff and families to approach each other with respect, which then ripples outward from our communities to the world around us

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Faith-Inspired Living Doesn't Mean You Must Be a Christian to Live and Thrive in a United Church Homes Community

As part of our mission to build a culture of community, wholeness and peace, UCH employs full-time chaplains and maintains chapels in our Life Plan and healthcare campuses. UCH also hosts an ACPE Center offering Level I/Level II CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) training at Trinity Community in Beavercreek, Ohio. CPE students serve as chaplain interns in rehabilitation, memory care, skilled nursing, and assisted and independent living while focusing on abundant life for older adults.

Chaplaincy isn’t about converting or convincing anyone to follow a specific faith tradition. The goal of a chaplain is to meet residents where they are now to experience a sacred place to worship God (or the sacred presence of their choosing). This is further supported by the hospitality approach that is an integral component of all UCH staff training.

UCH residents doing exercise

Each UCH employee receives extensive training on how we speak to and about the people we serve, as well as how we treat older adults who choose to live in our communities. It centers around honoring our core values:

  • Compassion
  • Hospitality
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Transparency

While UCH maintains a covenant with the United Church of Christ, we honor and respect other faiths and welcome opportunities to learn and share in new traditions.

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