Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.
– John D. Rockefeller Jr.

What is Abundant Life?

Imagine a world where life in retirement is filled with meaning, purpose and joy. Where society’s older adults are energized and look forward with hope, anticipating a bright future. Where they feel secure in their ability to meet the inevitable changes and challenges that lie ahead. Where they face each new day with a sense of abundance. This is abundant aging and abundant life.

This is the world that we all want for our parents, loved ones and ourselves. United Church Homes is the place where the spirit creates abundant life in community. At United Church Homes, we are passionate about this vision for the future.

“This is truly important work we are called to do. It takes resources to truly transform aging and provide abundant life. When we look at the socioeconomic need, it will be tremendous.”

James Henry,
Chairman, Campaign for Abundant Life

The Campaign for Abundant Life

In 2017, United Church Homes kicked off a five-year, $20 million comprehensive Campaign for Abundant Life at the rededication of the Fairhaven Community campus in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Over the next decade, we will raise $20 million to transform the lives of people in our residential and healthcare communities, affordable housing communities and the community at-large. This is a vision that can only be achieved with your help.

In 2020, UCH received its largest single donation in history from long-time friends who made an estate gift of $17.5 million. This transformational gift nearly doubled our $20 million goal with two years left of fundraising. As a result, the Campaign Steering Committee decided to establish a revised goal to 2023 of $45 million.

The Campaign for Abundant Life is increasing in momentum as more individuals, churches and community partners respond with support. To date, United Church Homes has raised over $44.7 million. Thank you to the generous individuals, corporations, churches and community partners who have donated $5,000+ during this campaign to date. To see a listing of these donors, click here. 

2022 marks the final year of the five-year comprehensive campaign. The goal is to raise funds for charitable care, pastoral care, the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging, updated campuses for long-term care communities and supportive services for affordable housing.

Below is a breakdown of funding raised:

Campaign for Abundant Life Pie Chart

Thank you to the generous individuals, corporations, churches and community partners who have donated $5,000+ during this campaign to-date!

Aetna Better Health of Ohio
Alluvial Private Wealth
Ms. Alta Sorrell *
Ms. Grace Amy Anders *
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Angell
Verna M. Armitage *
Ashland County Community Foundation
Aspire Consulting Partners Inc.
Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation
Ms. Phyllis Ayers *
Baker Financial Services, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. James Balk
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Balkema
Ms. Patricia Bartsokas-Huth
Mrs. Mary E. Bayman
Mrs. Dorothy A. Beaston * & Mr. Gene Beaston *
Mrs. Elaine Beaver
Rev. & Mrs. Richard F. Beck
Mr. Harold A. Behnken *
Mrs. Jean W. Bender *
Mr. Tom Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Betz
Mr. & Mrs. Karl F. Betz Jr.
Big Lots Foundation
Rev. Dr. Geoffrey A. Black
Thomas Blandford *
Bostwick Lake Congregational UCC
Mr. Lynn Bowers
Mr. Robert E. Bowman *
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Brainin
Brown Home
Buerger Energy
Mr. Bruce R. Burgan * & Mrs. Ruth E. Burgan *
Rev. Daniel L. Busch
Dr. Daniel J. Cannone
CareLinc Medical Equipment & Supply Co., LLC.
Mr. & Mrs. E. James Casey Jr.
Miss Pauline Choate *
Christ Church United Church of Christ
City of Canal Winchester
Mr. Larry W. Clausing & Mrs. Donna L. Overholt
Comstock Park Congregational UCC
Rev. John Cramton
Mr. John Cummings & Mr. Jerry Mallicoat
Rev. Dr. Kenneth V. Daniel
David’s United Church of Christ
Mr. Richard D. Dible
Ms. Mary L. Dickman *
Disciples Uniting in the Quad Cities
Mr. James Ditzler & Mrs. Linda Ditzler *
Mr. Max H. Doering *
Dr. John * C. & Marjorie L. * Stahler
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Duckson
Mrs. Debra L. Durbin
East Congregational UCC
Dr. E. Anne Eddowes *
Mrs. Suzanne S. Ellis
Ms. Adelle B. Elshoff *
Emanuel United Church of Christ
Erie County Community Foundation
Miss Joan K. Ernst *
Mr. Dan C. Fagan
Fairhaven Community Country Store
Fairhaven Community Volunteer Service Group
Ms. Carolyn Farrell
Ms. Laura M. Farrell
Miss Helen B. Farrenkopf *
Mrs. Mary L. Fenker-Lindsley *
Ms. Lida M. Ferguson *
Fidelity Charitable
First (Park) Congregational UCC
First Congregational Church of Rockford
Rev. Ruth D. Fitzgerald
Mr. William T. Flickinger
Miss Shirley Frank *
Rev. Mark & Marguerite Frey
Friends of Chapel Hill Community Auxiliary
Rev. John M. Gantt
Mr. Charles J. Gilbert
Glenwood Residents Association
Mr. Theodore Gloeckler
Gordon Food Service
Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Grand West Association of the Michigan Conference of UCC
Ms. Cathy M. Green
Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Guy
Hamilton Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hanseman
Miss Caroline I. Hart *
Mr. Robert L. Hart *
HealthPRO Heritage, LLC
Heart of West Michigan United Way
Heartland Conference of the UCC
Doris B. Heartwell *
Mrs. Virginia L. Heidt *
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Henry
Ethel Heyob *
Hieronymus Family Fund Inc.
Mrs. Gloria T. Hurwitz, CFRE
Rev. Sandra L. Hutchinson & Rev. Kenneth E. Hutchinson
Ice Miller
Miss Mariesther Johnson *
Dorothy L. Jones *
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Judson
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon K. Kelly
Ms. Madolyn L. Key *
Rev. Dr. Paul B. Kiewit *
Mr. Paul F. Kotterman
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Kroft
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kropf
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Kutschbach
L.R. Webber & Associates, Inc.
Mr. William Laggren *
Lake Michigan Credit Union
Mr. Robert P. Lee * & Mrs. Sharon R. Lee
Ms. Sandy L. Lindahl
Living Water Association
Logsdon Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Logsdon
Revs. Beth & Dave Long-Higgins
Ms. Mary Loupee
Mrs. Mary Ann Luecke *
Macbea Foundation
Philip E. and Rebecca S. Mallot
Margaret D. Dorman *
Marietta Community Foundation
Marietta Welfare League
Marion Public Health
Marker, Inc.
Meijer, Inc.
Ms. Karen J. Messick
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Dr. Alan B. Mikesell
Mr. Daniel J. Miller
Rev. John T. Miller * & Mrs. Marcy Miller
MLM Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Mooney
Mrs. Cathy G. Moore
Mr. Philip R. Moots
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Murdock
Mrs. Gloria Must
Mr. & Mrs. Allen S. Nace *
Noelker and Hull Associates, Inc.
Ms. Victoria Normandin
Northwest Ohio Association – Ohio Conference UCC
Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
Ohio Department of Medicaid
Ohio’s Hospice
Mr. Lars A. Olson
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Parker
Mrs. Ruth Parker *
Perry ProTech, Inc.
Pilgrim United Church of Christ
Plante Moran
Plymouth United Church of Christ
Mr. Don L. Pogoda
Dr. Paul Powell * & Mrs. Ginnie Powell
PPA Graphics, Inc.
QCI Healthcare
Rev. John Rainey & Rev. Eugene P. Finnegan
Mr. Joe L. Randles *
Randolph J. & Estelle M. Dorn Foundation
Raymond James Charitable
Miss Vivian E. Reemer *
Mr. John K. Renner
Rev. & Mrs. Marvin W. Rettig
Ridge Stone General Contractors
Mrs. Kathryn Sanders Rieder *
Mr. & Mrs. Roger G. Roberts
Mrs. Betty L. Roth *
Mr. Robert W. Roth
Roy D. Speigle Trust *
Mrs. Mildred M. Royer *
Mr. Arthur L. Sams *
Mr. George H. Schaefer *
Rev. Dr. David V. Schwab
Scripps Gerontology Center
Sebaly Shillito + Dyer
Mrs. Susan B. Sheidler
Mrs. Jeannette Shuck *
Mr. Scott W. Slutz
Ms. Kathleen M. Sneden
Mr. & Mrs. Randy L. Sorg
South Central Power Company Foundation
Mrs. Mary Anna Speller
Mrs. Teresa D. Spitznagel
Mr. Robert L. Spruance
Mr. & Mrs. Albert R. Squibb
Rev. & Mrs. Mark P. Steiner
Miss Virginia A. Stepler *
Mrs. Ruth Stonebrook *
Dr. S. Jean Szilagyi
The Columbus Foundation
The Cleveland Foundation
The Dayton Foundation
The Harriet Homer Irrevocable Trust *
The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio
The Hylant Group
The Pittsburgh Foundation
The Yellow Springs Community Foundation
Therapy Management Inc. (TMI)
Trigo, Inc.- Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Gottfried
Trinity Home Fellowship
Trinity United Church of Christ
Trinity United Church of Christ
Rev. & Mrs. Robert C. Tussing
Mr. & Mrs. Karl R. Ulrich
United Church Homes, Inc.
United Church of Christ, Congregational Vermilion
Ms. Shirley Vankoevering
Mrs. Barb Vollmer
Mrs. Kathryn Wadsworth *
Mr. Robert J. * & Mrs. Betty M. Walker *
Walmart Distribution Center 6024
We Care Medical of Ohio, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Ford R. Weyrick *
Mrs. Cheryl L. Wickersham
Mr. Loyd E. Winer
Joanne W. Woods *
Mr. Eugene W. Woy
Mr. & Mrs. Ken L. Young
Mr. David C. Zack
Ms. Ellen R. Zahed
Zion United Church of Christ (Norwood)
* Denotes Deceased

A Ministry of Promise

United Church Homes was founded over a century ago in Toledo, Ohio, as a faith-based ministry responding to the real needs of aging members of local congregations. Today, in covenant with the United Church of Christ, United Church Homes serves more than 5,000 residents in over 70 communities across 14 states and two Native American nations. Of these, 61 are subsidized affordable housing settings serving more than 2,800 individuals.

United Church Homes upholds its long-standing promise to provide for residents who outlive their resources. We’re committed to eliminating prejudice based on a person’s age. We’ve adopted a policy of inclusion where all are welcome, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, ethnicity or religious background.

As United Church Homes launches its second century, we’ve made a new promise for the years to come — to transform what it means to age by making older adulthood a time of abundance, personal achievement, meaning and importance. This is our vision and promise for the future of aging.

“Why this, why us, why now? Because we know we can do so much more. When we harness the talent in the organization, the dedication of our volunteers and the generosity of our benefactors, we can take our care of people to the next level.

Why is it urgent? We see the need. We have the vision. Our donors can make this happen. This is a pivotal crossroads moment.”

Rev. Kenneth Daniel,
President and CEO

Vision for the Future

We at United Church Homes have set our sights on 2027 to develop a 21st century continuum of residential settings that support independence and abundant life for individuals at all income levels.

Abundant Life

  • Charitable care for individuals who have exhausted their financial resources
  • Pastoral care programs with full-time chaplains on each retirement campus
  • Leadership training and staff development
  • Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging to share resources and innovations with the broader community
  • Affordable housing and healthcare services that are inclusive
Couple enjoying free time on bench at UCH community

Affordable Housing

  • Capital upgrades that preserve independence, provide access to community resources and respond to urgent needs
  • Programs and services that enhance quality of life, leading to an abundant life of community, wholeness and peace for affordable housing residents
  • Sustainable programs that serve Native American nations
Couple Holding Hands

Retirement Campuses

  • More independent living options
  • Supportive services that preserve independence
  • Technology-driven products and services
Memory Care Services at United Church Homes

Healthcare Communities

  • Appealing accommodations with more private rooms
  • Short-term therapies coordinated with acute care
  • Memory care

For more information about the Campaign for Abundant Life at United Church Homes, please contact the advancement office at (740) 382-4885 or

Ways to Give to United Church Homes

Annual Giving

Impact Giving

Planned Giving