"You have to leave your legacy somewhere."
-Dorothy Eckert

Creating A Gift That Lasts

Creating a Gift that Lasts: How You Can Follow in Dorothy’s Footsteps

Inspired by the story of Dorothy Eckert and her heartwarming legacy? Many of us aspire to make a meaningful impact on our community, just like Dorothy, but may not know where to start. Here’s how you can create a gift that continues to give, long after you’ve shared it.

Identify Your Passion
Dorothy’s philanthropic journey began with her passion for helping older adults Reflect on what moves you the most. Is it affordable housing, spiritual care, education, music and the arts, or something else? Finding a cause that resonates with you deeply is the first step towards making a lasting difference.

Start Small
You don’t need to wait until you have substantial resources to contribute. Dorothy’s mother taught her the importance of giving back, even during tough times. Begin with small acts of kindness or modest donations to organizations that champion your cause. Volunteering your time is another invaluable gift that can have a tremendous impact.

Learn About Your Chosen Cause
Diligence is key. Research the organizations that align with your interests. Understand their mission, the work they do, and the difference they make. Like Dorothy, consider getting involved at a deeper level by joining a volunteer group or serving on a committee.

Plan for the Future
Once you’ve established a connection with a cause or organization, consider how you can support it in the long term. Consult with your attorney about setting up an estate gift or simply including charitable organizations as one or more of your beneficiaries on of your financial accounts (e.g. your IRA). This allows you to leave a legacy that echoes Dorothy’s, providing enduring support for the values you hold dear.

Spread the Word
Advocate for your cause by sharing your passion with friends and family. Encourage others to join you in supporting the organization. Your enthusiasm can inspire a ripple effect of generosity.

Celebrate the Impact
Take a moment to reflect on the change you’re helping to create. Organizations often share stories about how contributions make a difference. Like Dorothy, witnessing the positive effects of your generosity can be profoundly rewarding.

In following these steps, not only do you honor the spirit of giving exemplified by Dorothy Eckert, but you also pave the way for a legacy of compassion that will continue to influence the world for the better. Remember, it’s not the size of the gift that matters most, but the heart behind it. As Dorothy herself said, “You have to leave your legacy somewhere,” and with thoughtful intention, you can choose to leave yours in a place that will truly make a difference.

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United Church Homes offers complimentary, values-based estate planning services from an expert adviser. Paul Grassmann, of Thompson & Associates, assists families or individuals monthly as they navigate practical, emotional and legal issues related to making a legacy gift.

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Testimonial from UCH Board Member and donor, Sandy Lindahl.

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You can leave a legacy through planned giving! Endowments are a great way to influence the future success of senior living. Independent residents at Glenwood Community are rallying together to ensure wonderful care for future residents by starting the Glenwood Community Endowment Fund.
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